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Only a subject matter expert can get you the conversions and sales you need to thrive in such a massively COMPETITIVE fitness industry.

The first impression someone has of your product or service is the website that they land on. A pretty website created by a well intentioned designer does nothing for your business if it doesn’t lead your prospects into persuasive calls to action.  

Website Consulting And Copy Revisions

The prospect has found their way to your website, now you want to keep them there to read about your great product or service and accept your offer to do business with them. In the time you just took to read this they’ve already decided whether they will stay or move on. Don’t leave your website writing to chance, engage the services of a professional to make the most of your potential client’s visit. This service provides persuasive copy and a Call to Action on every page.

A complete website makeover for optimization and usability will also strengthen your brand and help you show up in search engines

You will receive a substantial written report covering specific strengths and opportunities for improvement based on a 35-point usability checklist. Additionally we will look at  industry best practices for:

  • Customer focused content that presents solution oriented messages

  • Competitive SEO keywords and sale copy to differentiate you from your competition

  • Clear scannable information within a user friendly structure

  • Conversion-optimized to guide visitors to offers and links that generate action

  • Consistent brand voice connecting all the pages

You gave and continue to give my business a consistent voice through your style of writing - that I knew I wanted and needed and was unable to do - - until I met you that is.
— Tricia Allenson, Limelight Marketing

Newsletters for nurturing your prospects along

Capture the attention, trust and confidence of your customers or employees as you establish your expertise and gain their trust. A newsletter is the perfect platform to educate and excite your existing and new customers with “expert“ articles, pictures, product updates, contests and the list goes on and on. These are sometimes left to well-intentioned, overworked staff to produce that may not understand the artistry of design and psychology of engagement.  A newsletter is how you are going to nurture your relationship with your prospect until they’re ready to buy. Don’t leave this to chance, bring in a newsletter expert.

E-Books for Lead Generation

Showcase your product or services with a valuable, engaging download. Give your customers a reason to consider you over all your competition by providing them with the information they want and need in exchange for their email address to send it to. You will become viewed as a subject expert and someone who cares about giving back without expecting anything in return. You’ve also just created the opportunity for your customer to opt into your newsletter; product updates and whatever else you want to provide them to move them further down the buying path. Demonstrate to them just how much you cherish their business by giving back. This is how they can get to know you through technical information, advice, stories and anything else that makes your business unique.

Sales Letters and / Email Campaigns (with autoresponders) as part of your Funnel Strategy

You can never dispute the effectiveness of well-crafted funnel.  Done correctly and you might go on to sell to they sell millions of dollars in products or services every year. I articulate your unique selling proposition and craft a structured persuasive call to action with every part of the funnel strategy. I do them all and can get great and measurable results.

Blogs and Articles

Content of any type has a specific purpose. It might be entertainment, it might be education, it might be to persuade the reader to take an action. Engagement is key while your prospect is getting to know and like you, only then can you start to influence them to make a purchase from you.

Landing Pages

They’ve arrived at your website and are debating making a purchase; it’s conversion time. This is where a trained, experienced copywriter makes you money. Don’t leave it to chance.


What you leave behind after meeting your prospect face to face or at a trade show is the last impression they may have of you.  Know the difference between features and benefits and how to express them in a persuasive way.  Words and pictures come together here to nail the sale