Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hire a Copywriter?

Quite simply we’re experts at getting your clients or prospects to take the next step in engaging with you. That might be buying your product or service or requesting more information or downloading your lead-generating giveaway or signing up for your newsletter etc.  All of these require a copywriter with persuasive writing skills, and that in itself is a science.

Why Me?

I have an extensive background in marketing and sales and have worked in the education industry for health, fitness, wellness, weight loss and franchise development.

I am also certified in many areas of copywriting and direct response marketing through the most recognized professional training providers in the world….. and if it’s of any interest, I have undergraduate and graduate degrees plus 2 college diplomas in the aforementioned industries.

Most importantly, I understand buying behaviors and have a strong strategic perspective when it comes to moving prospects down the proverbial funnel.

How Are My Fees Determined?

My fees reflect industry best practices and take into consideration factors like; the scope of the work, future work together, services that can be bundled, urgency etc. All of these collectively are used to determine the best possible price for you.  I work by the project, and will send you a link to my fees which are available on this website.  Projects require a 50% deposit with the balance due when the final draft of the project is submitted to you (or the designer).

How Do We Get Started?

You email me and we determine a time for an informal discussion of your needs. During our first call I am going to listen to what your needs are, ask some questions and give you some ideas for projects based on your current marketing efforts. This is all at no obligation to you. If we decide we are a good match then we can talk about dates for getting started and I can send you my exploratory questionnaire. I make it really easy for you because I’ve been on your side of the table for years,  and I know the easiest and most pleasant people to work with are people that understand your needs.

How Do I Work?

I get to know your business really, really well. I research your industry and your competitors then I produce a “creative brief ”, which we go over together. Once that’s all agreed upon, I establish all the reporting timelines and delivery date of the final product. I don’t farm anything out; I do all my own work.  You get 100% of my attention and can call me anytime.

Me in thinking mode. Doesn't that face look like someone you want to work with ? Let's get started.

Me in thinking mode. Doesn't that face look like someone you want to work with ? Let's get started.