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Are You A Lemming?

Raise your hand if you remember the Sears-Roebuck catalogue.... No? Then how about the Sears catalogue that came out years later?  .... Still no! Yellow Pages phone directory?  Hmm! tough crowd.

Okay picture this, Amazon puts pictures and descriptions of all their products into a large glossy coated paper book and delivers it to your home.  It would be a catalogue so big it would need a forklift but the point is you’d notice it wouldn’t you? And you know why?  Because nobody’s doing that anymore.

It doesn’t mean this approach is ineffective; in fact it’s just the opposite.  It just means that everybody has jumped onto the online marketing bandwagon because; well, because they saw that everyone else did (that’s my lemming reference by the way).  

When everyone’s doing the same thing, that’s your first hint to do just the opposite. Sure emails are convenient, cheap and immediate but it won’t make you stand out. If you want to be memorable do something that makes you stand out.

Print mail would do that, especially when your competition isn’t doing it. Just look at your email inbox verses your home or business mailbox.  You’re physically going to touch whatever is mailed to you at home.  Before you can even decide if it is or isn’t of interest you have had to look at it. An email may get deleted without ever being noticed or go right to spam.  

Print mail partnered with emails is your best solution. An email that preps your clients and prospects that a 50 % off coupon is coming in the mail for that new local restaurant is going to be well received.

How about a new fitness club that’s just opened and you see flyers and posters all around town or a leaflet tucked under your car windshield wiper? When days later you get an email from them to come in for a free visit, that’s a well-engineered marketing campaign. It’s still done because it’s still effective.

Whether your business emails are accompanied with postcards, greeting cards or skywriting you ‘re going to be noticed because you’re this throwback savvy multi- approach marketer.

Just remember whenever you’re going against the flow of traffic you’re either in the wrong lane or more likely you’re making a calculated move to be different and effective.



5 Overlooked Ways to be Part of an $84 Billion Fitness Industry

If you’re already part of it you might know and if you’re not, jump in, there’s a ton of opportunity as the fitness and weight loss industry is about to explode.  Check these underserviced 5 out.

Specialty Fitness Centers

Fitness centers alone are a 24 billion dollar industry worldwide.1 in 5 Americans pay a gym membership totaling over $54 million a year.A tighter economy means more lower cost neighborhood centers are opening and people are flocking to them.  Who would have thought that clubs that specialize in group rowing, climbing walls or soldier style boot camps would be a thing.  The barriers to entry are low and success is only limited by your imagination.

Men’s Only and Children’s Weight Loss Programs

One in three American kids or teenagers is overweight but can you name a weight loss program or specialty gym that has been designed for them?   73 % of American males are overweight or obese (CDC) compared to 63 % of women and yet 90 % of clients at weight loss centers are females.  If the light bulb didn’t just come on read all those numbers again. New research in cognitive, physiological and nutritional sciences and technologies means lots of new opportunity.

Older Adults Fitness Programs

Know a senior?  Look around they’re everywhere and they have the most disposal income of any demographic.  They don’t want to lose their independent lifestyles, they love to socialize and they don’t want your typical gym offerings.  Do you have a product or service that will keep them in the lifestyle they have been accustomed to?

Trainer Certifications

If you’re an education company set up to deliver training to the trainers you’re in a good space. Expect to see lots more demand for specialty certifications.  These will help give trainers a unique distinguisher and provide additional opportunities both in and out of the club as more clients opt for home training.  Currently there are over 250 third party delivered certification organizations.  By 2020 another 30,000 fitness-training jobs will enter the market.  Added to the present 250,000 personal trainers, that’s a lot of certification delivery opportunities. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

 Wearable Health Technology

1 in 6 people wear an activity tracker and that number will likely continue to rise as this technology continues to pioneer new ways of measuring human biometrics. More and more health clubs and trainers will integrate this data into their own products and services and extend their reach into communities that otherwise wouldn’t have entered their facilities.

There will also be more integration of cognitive function and biological data into future devices. The definition of Wearables will extend to new technologies that are injected, tattooed and implanted on the body. If you are creative and futuristic think about wearable design and innovation, it may be for you.

Ron Warne is a copywriter for the fitness, health and weight loss industries.   

3 Reasons No One’s Buying From You

You think you’ve got it all going on but you’ve got no sales

You’ve read all about marketing and you’ve heard all their tales

You Snapchat and Facebook, you Tweet and you Blog.

Your website seems fine and yet you’re left in a fog.

Let's get to my three reasons; I’m running out of rhyme

I’ll share what I know, this stuff happens all the time.

I’ve worked in fitness sales for many years, everything from owning an equipment store to selling certification courses and online training programs. It doesn’t much matter how good your service or product is if you’ve somehow forced your customer into one of these corners.  Give them a way out and maybe your next sale is right around the corner.

1.   Often the biggest pushback comes from your pricing. You may think it’s a great value, and maybe it is, but that doesn’t mean everyone can afford it.  Do you have a cheaper alternative product or service? Do you have discounts for certain populations, or can you bundle your services somehow to give a cash break?  Maybe you have annual sales that you can point them to or a layaway plan. Do you have another entry point that they can enter into your business, like a contest or survey?

2.   Do you have too many choices? The fitness store I managed had so many pieces of equipment and they all essentially did the same thing. That makes it virtually impossible to make a good argument for any particular product.  Choice is good but generally 3 choices works best; a low price, a medium price and a very high price. The high priced item will often help sell the medium priced product.  Your customer will see that as the best value for their money.

3.   I don’t want to make a bad purchase, or said another way, I’m scared and I don’t want to look foolish. Change is hard, we know what we think we want but then there is all those lingering doubts that make us postpone the purchase. Help your potential client by making it easy for them to say yes. Guarantees, testimonials, personal success stories, trial periods and lots of information helps them make an informed buy.  

Ron Warne is a Copywriter for the Health & Fitness Industry