Do-It Yourself Can Be a Recipe for Disaster if You’re a Small Business

A small business is a like a newborn baby, you want to take on all the responsibility of looking after it… but should you? You planned it after all, you watched it gestate for months and then the delivery day came. There it was all bright shiny and new, screaming, crying, hungry and demanding attention. But you were prepared (you thought) you had read all the books, watched the videos, taken online courses and had also received advice from just about everyone you had ever meant. 

It was exciting for awhile, it’s new, it’s yours and you started off totally invested. But, a few years in and you’re starting to wonder if you brought the right baby home for the hospital, after all this offspring was not growing quite as you had intended. You start to think about putting it up for adoption, maybe you can start all over again. NO! you don’t really want to do that, but maybe there is help and it’s as close as online jobsites or placement agencies.

Building a backyard deck is the time and place for a do-it –yourselfer but running a small business, that’s another story.

If you came up with 50 different areas of competency your business needs to thrive, how many can you actually fulfill?  And! even if you could,  is it the best use of your time and energy?

Are you as up to date on social media marketing as you might need to be or are you more of a Don Draper (Mad Men reference) stuck in another decade?

Whoever first came up with the phrase, “Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things”,   was probably a small business owner that realized the value of outsourcing.

If you’re balancing the books, doing payroll and menial administrative tasks you should leave it for a more experienced, faster outsourced professional?

Efficiency is money and if you’re multitasking you’re likely losing money. Keep your attention on running the business not micro-managing it, outsource .