Unclog Your Sales Funnels With These 3 Must-Haves

What kind of funnels do you have?

·     Sales funnels

·     Client acquisition funnels

·     Lead generating funnels


Suck the life out of your company funnels

Whatever funnel you’re using it can likely convert a lot better if you have a strategy and a checklist.

 But first, a little Funnel Logic 101

In order to grab your prospects attention you need to dangle some bait in front of them. Let’s use the food server in the mall food court as our example. Think about it, you’re there, you’re hungry and 25 fast food joints that want your business surround you. What do they do?  They offer you a free sample of something on a toothpick. It looks edible so you try it. You like it and you want more ...except this time more comes at a cost.

Same thing as going to Costco, if you plan it right a couple of circuits around the freebee stations and you ‘ve just had your lunch.  WIN

But wait, now you need fries and a drink to go with that chicken on a stick. Sure you know it’s an upsell and that’s where they make their real money but you’ll happily part with an extra buck for those curly fries. There’s also an option for a supersized drink and dessert if you take the meal-deal for just another buck... or two.  

As you’re handing your money to the cashier he tells you that today only they have a membership plan. If you take this little card they will stamp it each time you eat there and eventually you’ll have enough points for a free DingDong ...And... if you include your email address they will let you know every time there’s a good deal on.  

Yaaa okay, what the heck, why not, I like eating this %*&#  anyway. 

Well, that’s sort of what a sales funnel is like. So let’s see if your funnel is as least as good as the mall food court. Remember prospects that are clogging up your funnels and not buying your products or services are just taking up space.

Let’s convert them with these 3 must-haves.  

1.   Your Lead Magnet

· Chances are your lead magnet sucks, don’t take it personally it might be salvageable. eBooks are not as popular as they use to be or at least the big long ones because no one has time to read them. But they still come in as # 4 for lead generators. If you’re going to do one keep it under 10 pages.

· Special reports of 2-5 pages are always good but make sure you’re answering some problem or big question your prospect has in their mind. You’re reading a special report right now and I am solving your question about what kind of lead magnet works best.

· Case studies are a great lead magnet because they not only contain your product or service information but show how someone used it successfully. These are always a winner.

· Checklists are another great way to engage your prospects. You are positioning yourself as an expert and essentially saying do these things to be successful. This special report is using a checklist of 3 things that will unclog your funnel by moving people along more effectively. Always remember to get their email address for any lead magnet you provide.

2.    Buy My Cheap Product  (to keep the momentum going)

A prospect has requested your lead magnet and crossed that threshold of getting to know and maybe even like you a bit if you provided them something they could use. Now you want them to make a purchase of an inexpensive but highly perceived valuable product or service.  This is also called a tripwire product. This makes them a buyer and therefore future purchases should be a little easier once they see you haven’t ripped them off. This isn’t your core offer, that comes later. Core offers are likely much more expensive and they’re not ready for that yet.

Consider these points:

· The tripwire product has a better perceived value if it is a mailed tangible physical product as opposed to a download.

·  The product should somehow be related to your core offer and your professional services. Sometimes splintering off something from your core product like a small widget works well, especially if it introduces the need or desire for the core product.

· The product should have a high perceived value but sell for under $10.00 or even better at $7.00

Your Upsell Product at Checkout

Let’s assume for the moment that you’ve managed to sell your core product and now your client is about to checkout with credit card in hand. This is a perfect time to upsell them to another product that logically goes well with your core offer. They’re in a buying mood and you want to take the opportunity to provide them with even greater value.

Consider these points:

· You may have a lot of leftover product that’s hasn’t moved well for one reason or another and this is a perfect time to let it go for a reasonable price. Your building up the value for the customer with everything you add so it’s an almost irresistible time for them to continue to buy even more.

·  The upsell product should be related to the core product or service you have sold them and should be seen as a must have to get the full value of the core product. The buyer should feel that this has now unlocked the doors to the kingdom for them.

· A membership deal or maintenance type of program provides recurring revenue. This is the best possible upsell. 

______________________________________________________________________ Ron Warne is a direct response copywriter and marketing strategist specializing in complete top to bottom funnel creation. www.ronwarnecopywriter.com