These Mindsets May Be Crippling Your Chances of Doing Business

The Little or No Business Crowd

Their Entrepreneur Mindset: They love to keep busy picking colors and font sizes for their website, fussing over the perfect tagline and experimenting with the newest homepage animations. They are like the amateur car mechanic that constantly tinkers with the engine, adjust the brake pads and shines the car, but! ... never leaves the garage to test drive it. 
As long as they are actively engaged in the  “get ready to do business “ mode, without actually ever going after it, then they believe they’re in business. They…. are the legendary, but reclusive, “Wantrepreneur”. They’ll friend you, text you, poke you, tweet you, link you and generally engage in every type of social media with you, but!,  they rarely ask for your business because,  they’re just not quite ready yet.  

It’s easy to see how the beginner entrepreneur falls into this category of the Marketing Overwhelmed. Somewhere between list building, branding, social media, website creation, market positioning, email campaigns, and blogging….the infamous, “analysis by paralysis”, sets in. You just don’t know what to do next, so a little bit of everything becomes your plan.  
Is That You?...... or  Maybe this is you.
Every shiny object that comes along appears to be the next best thing and you just have to have it. It’s debilitating and counterproductive, but it doesn’t have to be your future. 

Not Enough Time
How well do you use your time? Between accounting, billing, web design, customer interaction, emails and a lot of other busy work, you’ve just run out of time. The solution? Just don’t do all that stuff. Focus on things you do well and outsource some of the rest 

Stealth Marketing Mode
The Wantreprenuer has a close friend and he/ she is the Stealth Marketer, they’re busy too, but in a different way. They put all their efforts into dreaming up programs and online courses. They’ve taken the latest webinar on passive income websites, written eBooks and special reports.  But, you know what they’re not doing? …Getting out from behind their desk and selling their services & products to their prospects. 
Ask yourself this, would you buy a product from somebody hiding behind his or her computer, somebody that couldn’t look you in the eye and tell you why they deserve your business? Likely not, they haven’t earned your trust and in this day of computer scams and ninja rip-off artists, trust is harder to get than ever. 

Don’t Understand Your Zone of Excellence
We’re all good at something and we’re all known for something we’re good at. 
Ask yourself these questions and you’ll go along way to identifying your niche:
What gets you excited? What would you do even if no one paid you to do it? What makes time just fly by and you can’t wait to get back to it again tomorrow?
What are you known as an expert on when you gather together with your friends?

Once you’ve identified the answers to these questions, you have discovered your  “Zone of Excellence”.
Now you can start to think about a marketing plan that is consistent with your ZOE.
……………….Stay Tuned