How to Attract Clients Using the ABC’s Method

It’s easy as 1 2 3
As simple as do re me
A B C, 1 2 3
Baby, you and me girl


With apologies to Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5, client attraction has a formula; it’s time tested, effective and as easy as


•    Where do your target prospects hang out? 
•    Are they easily found? 
•    Can you access them? 
•    What would be the appropriate attraction strategy once you know these answers?

***Hint: your business stage determines the answer to that last question***

Consider the dollar value of what you are selling: small dollar value = low touch.  High dollar value equals high touch and that may involve a presentation, written proposal etc. 
There are always about 3% of your target audience who are ready to purchase what you have to offer right away. 


Ever been on a date? Well of course you have, but do you remember how it started?
Someone walks into a bar, spots you across a crowded dance floor and so begins the ritual. They may be ready to “seal the deal” with you immediately or maybe they want to be romanced for weeks, months or years. You’re both thinking about the same things: do they like me, know me, trust me?
Don’t rush into this relationship unless you’re both ready. 
Business is much the same way, you have a lot of competitors and your prospects are
bombarded by pitches from them every day. What will make you different?

Solution: Listen 1st (60%) Explain 2nd  (10%) Close 3rd (30%)
The key to closing is to offer your clients some type of choice so that you don’t have to close. Wherever there is choice the client will close themselves.
After you have outlined your offerings ask: 
•    If you were to do this with me, which of these options would suit you best? 
•    Great, if you decide to move forward, when would you like to start? 
•    “Perfect” (try and get some dates)
•    “Okay, that works well. So, is this something you want to move forward with?” 
•    Excellant, you will get some great results. I will send (give) you an information package right away. Let’s plan on meeting on (insert date)
•    “How would you like to pay for that?”     

When the time is right, it wil be the right time. (Chineese proverb)