Create More Buzz Around Your Behive

It’s hard enough to get users for your product or services when they don’t know much about you, or you’re buried deep in the bowels of the Internet, but what about a new product launch? That’s especially difficult because you’re not on the store shelves yet or your website hasn’t been updated to reflect future products and you’re just months away from delivery.  Organic searches depend heavily on SEO to rise in the rankings and social media may not be your strong suit.  So, are there other ways to increase awareness of your new products ? Well the answer of course, is of course. Amongst the dozens of tried and true methods for gaining a following, 3 standout out as highly effective and intriguing. 

In no particular order they are:

1.    Let your followers in on the big secret

Use your low hanging fruit. Leverage your existing customers, assuming you have other products or services that they have bought and are happy users of. People generally love to think they have knowledge that others don’t yet have or some inside edge that only they enjoy. That certainly applies to your new innovative products. It can be as simple as an “ask”.  Provide them with just enough new product features and benefits to intrigue them and then ask them to share it. Spread the word to all their friends through whatever means they have available to them. This could be through email, people they meet with, Facebook and of course all the other social media channels.  These preferred clients also become great opportunities to test market your new technology with a soft launch or provide earlier access to your product.  This may result in some great testimonials right out of the gate. 

Ask them to be part of an advisory group and get their user feedback. That feedback is pure gold and may provide some important pre launch insights and embarrassing product glitches.

Find Industry Bloggers: 5 should do it initially. You may already know who these influencers are but if not just try Googling for them, another source is directories of bloggers by industry. Of course you may have to provide some free product to get their user experience but that will be well worth the investment, especially if they have a large following. Blogging can additionally provide direct links to your site and help with SEO to bring you up easier in organic web searches. Your own company blog is also a great source for growing a following, just be sure to use it responsibly and provide rich useful content.

2.    Have an Elevator Pitch and Use it Constantly

Of course everyone knows what they do and who they do it for but can you articulate that in 30 seconds or less. That elevator ride might only be two floors, so have a 10 second version also.  If you haven’t thought this out, this will help.
Answer these 4 questions. 
Who am I?
Who am I targeting for my product?
What problem do I solve for them?
How do I solve that problem and what are my qualifications to do so?
Practice this so it comes off naturally.
It may seem so obvious to you what you do but its surprising how many people can’t succinctly state what they do and what their value proposition is. People have short attention spans both online and in person, you need them to know why your special and why you’re you better then you’re competition.  You also need to include your call to action, what do you want them to do next.
You never know when that opportunity to do a 30 second add about yourself may occur, so be ready, rehearse and let your enthusiasm show through. Have a 10 second version also for shorter elevator rides. Everyone in your company should have a tailored pitch that is personal friendly and client facing. Be transparent and you will become contagious; people will want to share you.  

3.    Make The Media Your Friend

Adults and teens will spend nearly five months (3,518 hours) next year watching television, surfing the Internet, reading daily newspapers and listening to personal music devices, according to the 2007 U.S. Census Bureau's Statistical Abstract of the United States, released today. Media is all around us and everyone else.

Members of the media often appreciate someone who makes their job easier.  Get accurate information to them in a timely manner and establish a relationship that will serve you in the future.