Branding for the Self Help Industry

I had a Jetson’s lunch box as a kid, I also had their cereal bowl and placemat. Do you remember them?.... maybe not, you might have been more a part of the Ninja Turtles era or possibly Barney and Friends, but for me it was all about George Jetson, his wife Jane, their son Elroy and of course their totally gorgeous teenage space daughter, Judy. I had a thing for Judy, but that’s another story, and besides my psychotherapist said I wasn’t the first kid to have the “hots” for a cartoon character. (He would have been more convincing if he hadn’t been giggling, but I digress). 

So, what’s in a brand anyway?  Is it just plastering your company name on everything or is there more to it than that? Well the answer of course is, of course. 
Branding is now much more about how your product, service or company is perceived and talked about by “the people” than it is about what you say, how much money you spend or many products you can get your pictures on.

Are the Kardashians a brand? You better believe it. The queen of the “selfie”, we won’t name her but you know who I mean, started out as part of a family of oddball characters, which over the years has become even odder as they went along. I don’t even know where to begin with this family, but the most famous of the clan found her own niche in society because many females identified with her most prominent feature, I’ll give you a hint, it’s behind her. It made an appearance in just about every picture taken and likely has it’s own Facebook page. But it did pioneer new territory for females who wanted to be seen as something other than the magazine cover waif- thin stereotypes.  So, how did the phenomenon known as the Kardashians happen? 

The K family followed some simple rules (intentionally or not) to become one of the biggest brands in North America. It starts with what others are saying about you and that is most often occurring now through social media.  If the bloggers, tweeters, facebookers and snapchatters are calling you this then your efforts to appear to be that means changing the public perception of you by influencing this and that. The Kardashian’s embraced the technology and in fact totally exploited it.  
The language you use, the specific market you target, the humanitarian causes you support, the website your customer sees, the taglines you use, how your own employees talk about you, the pictures you post and of course the quality of the product or service you provide are all part of a complicated mix that requires industry professionals to navigate. …. And that’s just the beginning to building your brand.